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Stanford (Beijing) Consulting Co. Ltd (“SBCC”) and Stanford Beijing Consulting Co. Ltd (“Shanghai Branch”)

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Stanford (Beijing) Consulting Co., Ltd was incorporated on August 24, 2012 (“SBCC”) under PRC law as a Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE), classified as a consulting company. It provides administrative support to and promotes Stanford’s research and educational objectives in China conducted at the Stanford Center at Peking University (“SCPKU”). SBCC’s local business license, which governs its scope of operations, permits only administrative services such as enterprise management, culture and technology consulting, and meeting event services in Beijing. The Shanghai branch of SBCC enables specific administrative functions of Stanford University in China.

Relationship to Stanford

SBCC is a subsidiary of Stanford University Global, LLC (“SU Global LLC”). SU Global LLC is a California-registered single member LLC of the Leland Stanford Junior University, established to facilitate Stanford’s global activities.

Stanford Programs Supported


SBCC’s required governance includes a legal representative and a supervisor (compliance officer).

What This Means for You

Because we have this Presence, there may be resources that could be leveraged for your activities in China, such as business coordination or administrative support for conferences, etc. However, it is important to note that SBCC cannot directly enable research or teaching in China.

Contact Global Business Services (GBS)

If any of the following are true, contact GBS to ascertain if the activities could trigger associated obligations for you, Stanford, or SBCC.

  • You are a business traveler in China for over 183 cumulative days in one year.
  • You will rent, lease, or purchase space, whether for residence or work.
  • Your program will generating revenue or income in China.
  • You need to hire local workers in China.

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