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Activities That Require GBS Review

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Any long term activity (i.e., greater than 30 days) or any activity that can be categorized as “significant” or “continuous” requires GBS review.

For examples, activities that are considered significant and/or continuous:

  • Long term field research.
  • You are a business traveler in-country for over 183 cumulative days in one year.
  • You will rent, lease, or purchase space, whether for residence or work in-country.
  • Your program will generate revenue or income in-country.
  • You need to hire local workers in-country.

The objectives of GBS’s review are to assess range of potential triggers, such as duration in country and scope of activities such that the activity in country can be appropriately structured to mitigate exposures.

Considerations for your activity:

Project Planning

Resources and guidance on project planning, including legal, tax, and safety implications.
View Project Planning resources


Stanford University is a non-profit  in the U.S. with an exemption from corporate income tax (under IRC section 501(c)3) for its exempt activities, which relate to education, research and service/patient care. However, it is VERY important to understand that this U.S. tax exempt status typically does not extend beyond the borders of the US, and is generally not recognized in a foreign country, so any activities in that foreign country may trigger local regulatory requirements, and may have tax and other implications to the University, the individual(s) who conduct that activity, and the activity itself.
View Tax resources


Collection of resources curated for Stanford faculty and staff who are engaged in international activities overseas. Resources include practical guidance, logistical information and an overview of regulatory issues,ay that are likely to be encountered by those who work globally.
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GBS is your partner to recommend payment and reimbursement options if the standard university channels to process financial transactions are problematic or non-existent.
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HR and Employment

There are a range of requirements that affect personnel who work on international projects. These resources are for those Stanford personnel who work abroad, and who hire and pay local individuals in foreign countries to stay compliant and avoid issues with local taxes and regulatory obligations.
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Additional guidance on several factors and issues that must be considered in international travel.
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