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Stanford’s Graduate School of Business sponsors the Stanford University Global LLC Ghana Branch, which was registered in Ghana on April 23, 2013, and primarily serves as the West Africa center of the Stanford Institute for Innovation in Developing Economies ("Seed").

Relationship to Stanford

The Ghana presence is a branch of SU Global LLC. SU Global LLC is a California-registered single member LLC of the Leland Stanford Junior University, established to facilitate Stanford’s global activities.

Stanford Programs Supported

Graduate School of Business, Seed


Board of Trustees of the Leland Stanford Junior University as delegated to the University President, and further delegated to the University Provost and VP Business Affairs (for business matters).

Compliance services are provided by Global Business Services (GBS).

What This Means for You

Because Stanford has this Presence, there are potentially resources that could be leveraged for your activities. However, due to compliance obligations it is important that your activities are evaluated prior to any commitments being made (see below).

Contact Global Business Services (GBS)

If any of the following are true, contact GBS to ascertain if the activities could trigger associated obligations for you, Stanford, or the Branch.

  • You are a business traveler in Ghana.
  • You are a researcher in Ghana.
  • Your travel relates to Seed.
  • You will rent, lease, or purchase space, whether for residence or work.
  • Your program will generate revenue or income in Ghana, including via online services.
  • You need to hire local workers in Ghana.

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