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Plan Your Global Activity

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Explore essential operational information to help you plan or conduct your Stanford activities overseas. Both type of activity, duration and destination are important, but for simplicity the following planning guidelines should be adopted:

Activities that do not require GBS Review

Non income-generating activities and activities spanning less than 30 days Next Steps

Travel for activity that will not generate income outside of the U.S.and will also span less than 30 days, such as conferences, study trips, or short-term field research are typically classified as "Regular Activity."

Please note: If the trip will generate any income outside of the U.S., or if there are plans to hire employees in that country or enter into a lease or sign a contract for in-country activity, it could be classified as Significant or Continuous Activity (see below for guidance).

For this type of activity, visit the Fingate website for travel information, including how to plan and book travel.

In most cases, these trips do not require consultation with the Global Business Services team, but may involve consultation from other units at the university to mitigate risk.

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Activities that require GBS Review

Any income-generating activities, activities longer than 30 days, or any where hiring of employees outside of the U.S. or a contract or lease will be signed for work/activity in that country.

Next Steps

Travel for longer term trips for activities such as field research, executive education, or overlapping projects in numerous countries are designated as “Activities that Require Review."

In these instances, it is required that you consult with GBS to conduct a review of the activity and to identify areas which may be necessary to mitigate exposure.

  1. Submit a request to consult with GBS.
  2. Review resources related to activities that require GBS review.