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South Africa

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The Stanford Programme (Cape Town) NPC is a non-profit entity in South Africa. It was established on December 21, 2009 (“SPCT”) initially under the Companies Act, 1973 as a S21 company, and revised in 2013 under the Companies Act 2008 as a not-for profit company. It houses (i) the administrative support for Stanford’s undergraduate study abroad in Cape Town; and (ii) the Digital Medic program in Cape Town, a joint School of Medicine and Stanford Center for Professional Development program (Stanford Center for Health Education).

Relationship to Stanford

A related entity of Stanford University.

Stanford Programs Supported


SPCT is a standalone non-profit entity incorporated under the South African Companies Act 2008. As such it is required to have its own Board of Directors. These Directors are comprised of a local Director (an employee of SPCT) together with Stanford University representatives from the programs that are operated as well as from a central office (Financial Management Services). Global Business Service provides compliance services.

Contact Global Business Services (GBS)

Because of this Presence, activities carried out in-country may trigger additional compliance requirements. If any of the following are true, contact GBS to ascertain if the activities could trigger associated obligations for you or Stanford.

  • You are a business traveler in South Africa for over 183 cumulative days in one year.
  • You will rent, lease, or purchase space, whether for residence or work.
  • Your program will generate revenue or income in South Africa, including online services.
  • You need to hire local workers in South Africa.

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