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Stanford University Global LLC (“SU Global LLC”)

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Where a local presence is required to enable a project, the start-up venture could involve registration of a related Legal Entity. Such an entity will typically be owned or controlled by Stanford or a subsidiary of the University. Depending on local regulations and program needs, the related entity may be a for-profit or non-profit company.

The incorporation and operation of a new legal entity in a foreign country involves expensive and resource-intensive steps; it should only be undertaken when absolutely necessary The guidance on the incorporation of new entities is set out in the Administrative Guide 3.7.1 Establishment and Governance of Legal Entities. Contact GBS for any question about entities and entity incorporation.

Costs associated with registration, operation and maintenance are typically the responsibility of the department and/or requesting program. See Stanford’s Presence profiles below for additional information on where Stanford has established Presences SU Global LLC is a single member LLC of Stanford University and was established to facilitate Stanford's global activities.