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Immigration and Travel Documents

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If you will be studying or working in a foreign country, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have the appropriate permission and documentation to travel, work, and/or reside in that country. Working with a collaborator can make this process smoother, especially when there is a need for an in-country sponsor.

In addition to a valid passport, many countries require a visa for entry. Visa policy depends on the country being visited, the immigration status of those involved, the needs of multiple entries, the nature of the activity, and the cumulative length of time being spent in that country which, if over six months, could trigger a Presence. Further, the time spent in country or the nature of the activity may require a work permit which could also trigger a Presence.

Stanford Travel, Stanford's own travel management platform, works with two passport / visa services with whom it has negotiated special rates: CIBT and Travisa. Visa information can also be obtained on the embassy website of the destination country. If the traveler is not a U.S. citizen, they need to contact their consulate or embassy for information on how to obtain the required travel documents.

Adequate time needs to be budgeted into the planning phase for passport and visa applications, as it can sometimes take up to six weeks. Also, depending on the nature of the work, additional permits may be required for the specific activity being performed.

What's Next?

When conducting international projects, refer to your destination country's embassy website to learn what documentation is required. For assistance in procuring a visa, contact one of the passport / visa services that Stanford Travel recommends: CIBT and Travisa.