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Project Planning

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Stanford is committed to facilitating faculty, staff, and student activities abroad. In furtherance of those activities, our Global Business Services (GBS) provides consultative support on a range of foreign operations. One of the key factors to ensuring the successful execution of any international activity is thoughtful planning. Although there are similarities between operating in the U.S. and operating in a foreign country, there are also many administrative, legal, tax, and safety implications to consider during project planning.

This section provides resources and guidance on how to budget for your global activity, as well as how to access and spend funds outside of the U.S. For long-term programs, it is especially recommended that financial planning begin at least 3-6 months prior to the planned activity while paying special attention to the many administrative, legal, tax, and safety implications of utilizing resources across borders.

This section provides guidance, information and resources related to Project Planning as follows:

What's Next?

International project planning is a complicated process. GBS is here to guide you through the due diligence considerations and help you explore the appropriate business frameworks and solutions. In consultation with other Stanford central offices, GBS serves as an advisor on international project matters and can be consulted in the project planning phase. Providing us with as much advance notice as possible will assist with efforts to conduct and provide relevant information to help in successful project planning from a business perspective.