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Karen Kearney

Since late 2014, Karen has served as the University's Treasurer, with responsibility for Office of Treasurer and Global Business Services. Prior to this role, she built the Global Business services function from the ground up, recognizing the need for increased central services to support Stanford's expanding global footprint. With her advocacy, the University has significantly augmented those services, not only in business functions, but also in global HR, health and safety and risk management.

Karen's professional training is as a chartered accountant, which she pursued at Price Waterhouse (now PWC), London office, after graduating in economic and political geography from Cambridge University. At Stanford, she has worked in both central and school-level financial roles since 1989. After 3 years co-leading the financial systems replacement project in the mid-90's, she took a hiatus from the University, spending 3 years as CFO/Deputy Director at SFMoMA, during a rapid growth phase; and a further 3 years in consulting roles when her husband was transferred to the UK.

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