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Featured Research from Stanford University

Project Evolution, Extinction, and Conservation of Caribbean Mammals, Stanford University (2013 - Present)

Principal Investigator:

We take an interdisciplinary approach to reconstruct recent extinctions in the Caribbean across the past 15,000 years, and leverage these data towards guiding conservation planning in the region under a changing climate and growing human population. Techniques include genomics, stable isotopes, radiocarbon dating, and morphometrics.


Dominican Republic


  • Juan Almonte, Curator, Museo Nacional de Historia Natural, Santo Domingo

Project Ecological and evolutionary aspects of the bat-infection relationship, Stanford University (February 2012 - Present)

Principal Investigator:

Costa Rica is home to one of the richest, most ecologically diverse bat faunas in the world and is also subject to widespread habitat conversion like many developing nations. We seek to understand how bat ecology and deforestation affect infections in bats as well as how ecologically diverse bats may have evolved to deal with their infections.


Costa Rica

Project Strengthening the Research Ecosystem for Sustainability Research in India, Stanford University

Principal Investigator:

This interdisciplinary research project is prompted by the persistent neglect of environmental sustainability by nationally and regionally sponsored agricultural research programs designed to enhance food security in India. This project goes outside the usual sources of analysis and uses feminist philosophy of science to draw lessons and build capacities for the integration of climate policy with agriculture-food development policy in India. It analyses the environmental values and conceptualisations in science, development interventions and outcomes.